3 Healthcare offers on Paytm You Don’t Want to Miss

Summary: Medicine Offers on Paytm Health. Paytm Health is a platform in the application where users can get online doctor consultation offers, online medicines, lab tests, and much more done.

3 Healthcare offers on Paytm You Don't Want to Miss
Healthcare Offers on Paytm

Healthcare offers on Paytm

Paytm has become one of the most advanced digital payments apps in India. It has allowed millions of people to conveniently transact using online payment methods without any hassle. Apart from their main services, they have also expanded to other sectors to make the lives of their customers easy. This includes bill payments and their recent Paytm Health interface.

Paytm Health is a platform in the application where users can get online doctor consultation offers, online medicines, lab tests, and much more done. It is a relatively easy mode of having all your health needs taken care of. It provides access to some of the best online pharmacies and laboratories to avail of the services. Additionally, paying on these platforms through Paytm can help save a lot of money!

Medicine Offers on Paytm Health

If the user logs in to the Paytm App and visits the health section, there are many cashback and offers available at the present moment. These can be availed through the Paytm payment system by all the registered users. All that needs to be done is to open these offers and avail them through the app by applying the code given. Attention should be paid to the validity deadline as most of these offers keep on changing making the previous ones invalid.

In order to avail of the benefits, users can check some of the offers listed on the application. On ordering medicines from Paytm health, users can avail of up to a 25% discount on selected items. Moreover, 1mg, Netmeds, Mini have come up with their individual discounts as well. Some of the most prominent offers on Paytm right now are –

1. 1mg – 1Mg offers a flat 25% discount along with 5% cashback on applying a code given.

Other Offers on 1 mg


2.  Netmeds- It provides a flat 25% discount on the medicines as well.

Download Netmeds App now


3. Mini- Mini provides a discount of flat Rs 350 on the amount.

All these offers can be availed only upon fulfilling the eligibility criteria. Make sure these criteria are read before ordering to utilize the codes. The companies listed on the website have different criterion sets, however, most of them include having a prescription for some medications that are only available on prescriptions. A minimum value is also prescribed on some offers.

Having Paytm comes with its own advantages. One of the best advantages offered is their discounts and cashback that are reflected in the account within a few days. Make sure these discounts and offers are not missed!

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