MediBuddy-DocsApp to provide online doctor consultations for Employees

MediBuddy-DocsApp to provide online doctor consultations for Employees

In an recent development in India regarding best online doctor app MediBuddy-DocsApp they have been roped in as partner by for their employees. For the employees, it is a quick and easy way to cater to their own and their family members’ healthcare needs. has been a front runner in availing new-age healthcare solutions like online doctor consultation for its employees across the nation.The COVID-19 outbreak has pushed employers to focus on employee health and many organizations, like, are enabling services that go beyond hospitalization benefits and include solutions like best online doctor app like telehealthtelemedicine.

Best online doctor app The MediBuddy-DocsApp platform offers multiple packages for organisations to choose from according to their requirements. From bulk consultations, COVID testing to assisting organizations in ensuring the complete safety of employees and workplaces with MediClinic. The most opted healthcare package by organizations is

MediBuddy Gold. MediBuddy Gold is a subscription package designed to provide access to quality healthcare for employees of an organization and to the public at large. MediBuddy Gold allows for unlimited consultations from experienced health specialists and MD doctors via call or video across 18 departments like dermatology, weight management and gynaecology.

The fact that consultations can be done in over 15 Indian languages is a big plus of the offering. Other benefits of the subscription are that people can avail free pick up of lab test samples as part of home sample collection, receive their reports online and even consult with an MD doctor on their test reports for free. Being able to order medicines online with free delivery at the doorstep across 20000 pin codes across India is also part of the subscription package.

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