Honest Review of Mfine Online doctor consultation app

Summary :Is it easy to Use ? | Is it available in local language ? |Immediate appointment available ? |Consultation fees | Steps Explained : How to book appointment on Mfine app


Honest Review of Mfine Online doctor consultation app

So You want to book online doctor consultation with Mfine App sitting at your home however you are not sure whether you should go for it or not ? We are sure that by looking at above review summary, you have some sort of clarity in your mind about Mfine online doctor consultation app.

Lets have a overview each point mentioned in our review table for better understanding


How easy Is to use the app to book appointment ?

It is very easy, we have explained the steps below 

Steps Explained : How to book appointment on Mfine app

Over the flow is easy . The moment you log on to their website or mobile app, you are able to identify where to start booking .

Step 1 is to log on to Mfine.co and click on consult now

Step 2 is to select specialty ( health concern like pediatric , general physican etc )

Step 3 is to click on consult button

Step 4 is to enter your mobile number > Then it will ask you to add OTP sent in your number  

Below is image where we have explained booking workflow step by step as mentioned above

Really Awesome,Quick & Most Helpful Review of Mfine Online doctor consultation app before you book Online doctor consultation

Available in Indian Local Languages

Unfortunately Mfine app and website both are available only in English language. One good thing though we have noticed is that once you reach consult doctor option, doctors can talk to you in various languages based on which language doctor knows. Doctors profile does show which languages doctor knows

Immediate appointment availability

Yes immediate appointment is available when you log on to their website or app. It is based on what speciality you chose

Fees & Packages

There is no standard fees, it depends on doctor speciality however you can expect some discounts, cash back offers from  from Mfine.

Additional Services ( lab test , follow up visits etc )

Yes that’s very good part of Mfine. Not only you can consult doctors online however you can avail lab testing at home , health packages etc.

Privacy of your data

Mfine do give confidence about data security and privacy however there is no specific measure, protocol or standards they have declared about it.

Exclusive Features Only on MFine

– FREE risk-assessment tool

– Infectious disease tracking

– Mental health counselling

– Digital health records

– Health subscriptions


Mfine in Numbers

Really Awesome,Quick & Most Helpful Review of Mfine Online doctor consultation app before you book Online doctor consultation

Fact Check :

Mfine claims 50,000+ 5 Start ratings and 2 Million Downloads however when we check their Google Play Store number. The app downloads are 1 million and ratings are 30,000.


The information presented over here is collected from online sources like google, google Playstore, mfine website. Number may not be accurate. Take your own judgment before taking any decision regarding Mfine app. We are trying to educate however decisions should not be taken solely on this information presented above

Mfine Official Website//www.mfine.co/
Mfine Partnet Link for Clinics and Hospital s//www.mfine.co/become-a-partner/
Mfine Health check Packages list and charges information//www.mfine.co/health-packages/
Mfine online self check option//www.mfine.co/self-checks/
Mfine Contact Information ( Support )//www.mfine.co/contact-us/ { Address : MFine,
1245, 22nd Main Road, 13th Cross, Vanganahalli, 1st Sector, HSR Layout, Bangalore – 560102 } Email ID : Support@mfine.co
Mfine Andriod App Google Playstore Download Link //play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mfine&af_banner=true&pid=Website&c=/

What is use of Mfine ?

mfine is mobile health platform that aggregates branded hospitals to deliver on-demand healthcare services to patients.
Its AI platform helps improve doctor productivity and quality of diagnosis.
By using the mfine app patients reach quality doctors within 10 mins, consult with them and get the prescription.

Is Mfine Trustable ?

Well it depends. Going through lot of internet reviwed from patients , there are certain challenges observed with consultation, follow up and pricing issues

Who is owner of Mfine ?

Prasad Kompalli = CEO & Co-founder
Ashutosh Lawania =Co-founder
Arjun Choudhary = CBO & Founding Member
Ajit Narayanan =CTO & Founding Member
INVESTORS = Stellaries Venture Partners , Prime Venture Partners , Beenext , SBI Holdings

Is Mfine consultation free ?

Not is not free. The consultation charges starts from Rs199 however it depends on doctors specialty etc..


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