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Summary : Natural calamities like flood, heavy rains  etc are not in our control however we can always become smart and use technology for our benefit. Online doctor consultation is one such option which can help you when you are not able to move out of your home and you need medical advise 

Tamil Nadu.Here is how to use online doctor consultation apps during natural calamities

Meanwhile if you or your family members want to consult doctor and due to heavy rains , water clogging or any such natural calamities, you cannot move out of home, here is list of online doctor consulting apps you can use

online doctor consultation chennai for free இலவசமாக மருத்துவரிடம் ஆலோசனை பெறலாம் Tamil

Online doctor consultation Chennai. Comprehensive list of apps and hospitals – 

Government Sponsored totally free telemedicine app – – Here how to register and consult doctor online on eSanjeevani – 

Everything You Need to Know about appointment online explainedPracto, – 

mFine  MFine online doctor consultation for covid, Lab Test, Scans..डाउनलोड करके उसे यूज़ कैसे करे ? 

Myupchar  – Really Awesome,Quick & Most Helpful Review of MyUpchar App before you book Online doctor consultation

1mg – 1MG online pharmacy app डाउनलोड कैसे करे ? यूज़ कैसे करे ? हिंदी में समजिये 

Tata Health – Step by Step:How to book online doctor consultation on tata health website? 


Ask Apollo — Ask Apollo app क्या है ?डाउनलोड कैसे करे ? रजिस्टर कैसे करे ?हिंदी में समजिये 

Pharmeasy – PHARMEASY App Online Pharmacy app डाउनलोड कैसे करे ? यूज़ कैसे करे ? हिंदी में समजिये

Apollo 247 Online Apollo 247online doctor consultation for covid&Apollo Pharmacy App डाउनलोड करके उसे यूज़ कैसे करे ? – Online Dentist How to get consultation|घर बैठे दांतो की तकलीफो का इलाज करवाए 

There are few more names you can consider for online doctor consultation Lybrate,  Doc Prime, DocsApp .Icliniq

FAQ’s How to Use Online Doctor Consultation during Natural Calamities or Man made like Covid 


Can I consult doctor online from home ?

Yes you can. You just need a mobile sufficiently charged and internet connection to get connected to online doctor

Is online doctor consultation legal in India ?

Yes. Online doctor consultation is legal in India as per MCI ( Medical Council of India ). MCI in accordance with Central Govt. have revised and updated rules and regulations about online doctor consultation India in March 2020 due to spead of pandemic

Is online doctor consultation in India Chargeable ?

It depends. If you consult doctor on ESANJEEVANI OPD telemedicine platform , it is free of cost ( it is sponsored by government of India ). If you use any other apps like practo , myupchaar , etc then its chargeable


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