What Meena Ganesh thinks about Telemedicine in India

This article is published on EThealthcare Edition – by Meena Ganesh
MD and CEO, Portea Medical

Here is what Meena Ganesh thinks about Telemdicine in India

Telemedicine and remote consultations – Telemedicine is a great fit for the current scenario where a physical visit to a medical facility can lead to infections especially among the elderly and those with weak immunity. Although, this safe and swift mode of consultation has been around for many years now, it is only now that we are seeing a mass adoption. When managed efficiently, it can be a real transformational practice in terms of patient consultations and follow ups. In a country starved of qualified doctors, telemedicine serves as a force multiplier and is economical for patients as they don’t need to travel to a medical facility for even a basic consultation. Today, there are digital thermometers, blood sugar and blood pressure measurement devices, heart rate and pulse monitors etc., which can help in checking vitals and communicate the same to the doctor during a tele-medicine consultation. Thanks to smartphone access and high-speed internet even in remote areas, all places are connected with each other round the clock. The heartening thing is that people are now becoming aware of the telemedicine process and in the years ahead, it will play a crucial role in delivering medical consultations across India.

Remote monitoring – The second core area where technology has come to fore in improving healthcare delivery and helping the medical professionals in handling the pandemic crisis has been remote monitoring. Remote monitoring has ensured that COVID-19 patients can be managed at home without the risk of complications. It can also facilitate care for conditions ranging from chronic diseases to recovery from acute episodes of care. The policy changes introduced during the pandemic have ensured that conditions are ripe for adoption of remote monitoring.

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