Platform to find User Friendly & Safe Online doctor consulting apps in your Favorite Language. 



Healthcare Access in the hands of everyone

It all starts with Pupose. What is our purpose ? We have a single minded purpose to educate  Patients and Doctors about online doctor consultation apps for e.g. esanjeevani OPD ,Practo , Mfine , etc..

What is Impact we are trying to create ? Healthcare Access in the hands of everyone.

Millions of people suffer numerous diseases in India which could have been prevented if they would have known telemedicine and how to it use. We want to reach 130 Crores Indian’s and educate them about telemedicine and how they can take advantage of this technology to cure themselves sitting at comfort of their home

Is it Hard ? Yes course. Reaching 130 core Indians is not easy but we live not to do easy things. We live to make impact in out society and make it better whatever way we can.

How are we going to achieve this ? One of the simplest solution to reach 130 crore Indian’s is speak in their language. As it is said India has many India’s within it. By that what we mean is that India is not single country , its host of multiple small countries in itself, each having its own language, culture , traditions.

PATIENTS We help you by educating them on how to get online doctor consultation , best practices , tips via educational content in your favorite language 

DOCTORS We help you in adopting new technologies , learning how to start online consulting , which are apps & platforms for them, how to choose the correct apps or platform to start online consulting etc through educational content.

Telemedicine , Online Doctor Consultation Providing Apps We help you in reaching out to your end users, be it patients or doctors/hospitals/clinics and