esanjeevani opd registration.Know everything about National Free Telemedicine Service eSanjeevaniOPD

Know everything about National TeleConsultation Service named eSanjeevaniOPD


So, the question is how to see a doctor at this moment of crisis when most OPDs are closed and very few policyholders have access to e-consultation?To provide benefit to people without health insurance cover or health insurance cover without OPD facility at the time of Covid-19 pandemic, the government has launched a National TeleConsultation Service named eSanjeevaniOPD.

A web-based system that doesn’t require an installation, the eSanjeevaniOPD may be accessed through on a laptop or a desktop computer or a full-sized tablet with a camera, microphone and speakers that can run the latest versions of Chrome (Google Chrome version 79 or later) and Firefox (Mozilla Firefox version 75 or later).

The facility may also be used on a smartphone by downloading the Android mobile application from Google Play Store.

For registration, token generation and to send/receive OTPs by SMS, a working mobile phone is also essential.

There are 4 steps involved in teleconsulting a doctor:

  1. Register on the eSanjeevaniOPD and generate a token number.
  2. Wait for the SMS notification to log on to eSanjeevaniOPD.
  3. Join the waiting queue in the Consultation Room and press the Call Now button when enabled.
  4. Consult the doctor on call and get an instant ePriscription.

Currently, only allopathic doctors are available on eSanjeevaniOPD and every user needs a separate/unique mobile number.

The teleconsultation process on eSanjeevaniOPD is completely free, but the system requirements would keep it out of reach for the poor.

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