telehealthtelemedicine software


telehealthtelemedicine software

Agnity MobileCare™ delivers a secure, futureproof, mobile messaging and communications platform that is HIPAA compliant and completely in the cloud. Agnity MobileCare™ was developed to meet the growing communication needs of healthcare ecosystems, including hospitals, ambulatory providers, payers, long-term care facilities and very importantly, patients themselves.

The Agnity MobileCare™ Suite offers flexibility to select the appropriate product package based on the communication and collaboration goals for each organization. As the patient navigates an increasingly decentralized healthcare ecosystem, Agnity MobileCare™ will harmonize clinical content at the patient-level, enabling the care team to have clinical context regardless to where they or the patients are. The platform is designed for flexibility, allowing for deep clinical integration and expansion of functionality at the individual user level.

Agnity MobileCare™ enables organizations to embrace risk-based contracts. Our platform allows clients to identify the preferred care-team while enabling secure, real-time, clinically contextual communications. The solution will provide real-time information both at point of care as well as during care transitions.

As care transition and coordination becomes core competencies in the modern healthcare economy, we have developed a solution that enables the best outcome for patients.

AGNITY Healthcare enables healthcare providers to start simple, collaborate and extend and enrich the clinical content as the communication platform goes viral. To empower health systems and hospitals the flexibility to deploy the right solution for their use-cases, the Agnity MobileCare™ solution is architected to be adopted in a modular fashion.

This modularity allows customers to start simple with a zero-integration version, MobileCare PRO™ to solve the pressing problem of non-compliant texting. MobileCare PRO™ will deliver secure messaging, care team communication and collaboration with immediate returns with a minimal investment of resources.

MobileCare Enterprise™ will provide clinicians the full advantage of secure contextual communications and collaboration armed with clinical content rendered at the patient level.

telehealthtelemedicine software

Further, interested provider can extend care and care coordination beyond the in-patient setting through MobileCare TeleConsult™, enabling clinicians to consult with patients remotely, or wherever they are.

Finally, MobileCare Monitor™ provides healthcare providers with access to patients via remote monitoring devices which reduces the cost and improves patient outcomes.

With the Agnity MobileCare™ solution suite, healthcare providers will have the clinical communications tools they need to securely communicate with each other and patients across the continuum of care.


telehealthtelemedicine software

Agnity MobileCare™ helps improve patient outcomes through workflow optimization, patient-centric communication and collaboration for the circle of care. Healthcare providers can utilize Agnity MobileCare™ to positively impact operational metrics such as length of stay, readmission rates and to help to drive higher patient and provider satisfaction. All of these factors will directly impact healthcare providers’ bottom line.

Social Media Presence and Scan

Their social media presence is there on twitter, facebook and linkedin however I was surprised to see that the # of followers/likes are very meagure. Also there are very few updates happening on social media profiles by the company. We are not sure whether it is an well through strategy or not however in today’s era , social media updates are more important and has to be real time.

Linkedin . This profile has limited number of  followers which are around 1600+. We can say it does not enjoy high number of followers which can have greater impact on company

Twitter – – Again this handle has less than 100 followers which is meager. We guess company is not much interested in social media strategy to engage users and increase base

Facebook  – – When it comes to facebook also it is very less followers which is less than 500.

Mobile Apps

Android app has around 4.1 over all rating which is quite good. The # of installs are around 5000.

telehealthtelemedicine software

IOS app has overall rating of 3 which is quite low. The other concern about this IOS app is that there are less than 10 reviews which indicates it has not been installed and used by people as of now

telehealthtelemedicine software

We went on through internet to find reviews on various platforms about this organization however there are no detail reviews or reviews available at all.

Conclusion :

We have been reviewing all telemedicine softwares around the world. This software  mobile app has some great key functions and advantages however comparing to other existing options, this does not looks like a strong option to consider .

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Our sole aim is to bring telemedicine software information to all our users so that they can decide which one is best for them. We do not guarantee accuracy of information as it can change by time. Please do not take commercial decision based on this information.

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