Hipaa-compliant telemedicine apps Lyflink (India)

Real Quick Information about online doctor consltation app Lyflink

hipaa-compliant telemedicine apps

Bhubaneswar-based telemedicine startup Lyflink enables access to teleconsultations via video , audio, and chat through its website and mobile app. It is also setting up digital clinics in rural Odisha to ensure easy healthcare delivery.

What is Lyflink

Lyflink is building the future of health care delivery. To make it seamless and smooth, creating an experience that is truly magical for both healthcare experts and users.

Today, stumbling blocks in healthcare delivery are inaccessibility and unaffordability, not crunch of doctors.
Finding the solution in technology, we are tapping its potential to make healthcare incredibly accessible.
We love to solve intricate problems, face new challenges and beat them up in no time.
We are investing in the future. We value openness, transparency, knowledge and agree to disagree to not just create a user-friendly healthcare platform.
Talk to Doctor: You can ask queries for free or get into one-on-one interaction with doctors by Chat, call or Video on payment of fees online. Using your ubiquitous mobile phone and laptop, you can anonymously communicate with doctors from various specialties.
Stay healthy and fit: The Heath Feed from healthcare experts aims to keep you healthy and fit. If that is not all, you can find a doctor nearby, check the doctor’s profile and book an appointment too.
Are you looking for a simple way to get the best medical care available? Lyflink.com’s innovative online doctor database gives you access to highly trained medical experts. So you can ask a doctor anything you want, simple with a touch of a finger. You can save as much as 70% of your time and money at your next visit to the doctor and with the assurance that the medical professional you are seeing is highly trained and experienced. We use a stringent verification process to ensure you are 100% satisfied every time. Subscribe to the Lyflink Online Doctor network today to get the very best access to free questions, consultations and easy appointments. Join today!
Looking to ask a doctor questions about your health online? Lyflink offers a fast, easy and friendly way to gain access to general practitioners, dieticians, nutritionists, gynecologists, psychologists, dermatologists, sexologists, ayurveda, homeopathy and more. You can get in touch with online doctors 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with this simple application. No matter what your condition, Lyflink can get you in touch with a doctor online straight away. To find out more, subscribe to our ask a doctor service online or download the app and get access to doctors on the go!
Not only does Lyflink give you access to online medical professionals, but we also have regular blogs from respected experts that give you tips and advice on health and well being. Our doctors discuss a range of topics from everyday living, parenting, pregnancy and how to manage your conditions, all online and accessible from your computer, phone or tablet. Get your health feed now with Lyflink and ask a doctor what you’ve always wanted to know!

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