Online doctor consultation in Hyderabad

Online doctor consultation in Hyderabad : Comprehensive list of Hospitals and Apps providing online doctor consultation in Hyderabad

Online doctor consultation in Hyderabad

Covid19 has changed the way we live forever. New Normal is trending word in our lives. The way we meet people , the way we work ( mostly work from home ) , the way we communicate etc…everything has changed drastically. India is known as second largest most populous nations in the world next to China with approximately 130 crores of citizens. We Indians are known to be socially active and meet everyone in person  however not anymore atleast till we don’t get Covid19 vaccine.

Well the way doctor consultation used to happen in India is of course booking appointment and sitting in waiting room and get the consultation done with your favorite doctor but not anymore. Majority of hospitals are flooded with Covid19 patients and are designated Covid19 facilities by government.

So the question comes about how to get yourself consulted by doctor without visiting clinic ? Online doctor consultation in India is new trend and going to last. Online doctor consultation with doctor is sometimes free and  sometimes chargeable , it depends on the online doctor app/ hospital providing the facility. It can also be called telemedicine or telehealth.

You are living in Hyderabad and looking for online doctor consultation in Hyderabad.

Here is complete and comprehensive information about online doctor consultation in Hyderabad

One of the first and foremost options available for you is use any online doctor consultation app like Mfine , Practo etc

Second option is to call and check with your provider/doctor if he/she is providing online consulting via video conferencing app/whats app/zoom etc

Third option to check clinics/hospitals providing online consulting via video conferencing app/whats app/zoom etc.

Let us list all your options here for your convenience

1.DocOnline Health India Pvt Ltd – Online Doctor Appointment & Consultation

‘DocOnline is an online doctor consultation platform for preventive / non-emergency medical healthcare needs across India with a mission to provide affordable healthcare and make it easily accessible to all the customers at anytime and from anywhere by getting a doctor online in 15 minutes. We cater to both individuals & enterprises where customers can consult our certified + experienced general physicians through chat and audio/ video calls. You – Get doctor appointment & consult a doctor through chat/audio/video calls within 15 minutes – Get lab tests & medicines at your doorsteps in Hyderabad Join 10,000+ people who downloaded & use DocOnline doctor consultation app for quick & convenient medical support at an affordable fees!’

How It Works  – Using DocOnline helps to easily connect with doctor at a time and place suitable to you. Here, we explain how your visit works. DocOnline Health is an online platform that connects patients with Doctors at the earliest via chat/audio/phone/video. Customers can book appointments, consult in preferred languages, View health records, order medicines to their doorsteps and have easy access to diagnostic services.

To use our services customers, need to REGISTER with DocOnline for FREE! After registration, they can subscribe to any of our plans. Alternatively, if they are Corporate Users, then they can directly use our service of Booking a Doctor Consultation.

Once the doctor consultation is done, doctors prescribe medicines or diagnostic tests if necessary.

Choose from our wide array of Diagnostic Tests/Packages or Order Medicines. Get these tests done at your place and continue with Follow Up consultations as required.

Online doctor consultation in Hyderabad

Mobile Applications – Doconline has its mobile applications for Android Users and IOS Users.

Doconline Pricing for Patients

There are two plans for patients, below is the updated plan found from their website

Online doctor consultation in Hyderabad

What conditions/illness they treat ?

They treat almost all illness which are categorized as primary care, lifestyle diseases and Private issues . Please note that they do not treat emergency cases

They have highly talented and reputed panel of doctors.  Online doctor consultation app in India.

So whether you are in Hydrebad or anywhere in India you can always use Mfine app for online doctor consultation Hyderabad

They treat wide range of illness online and their pricing starts with just Rs 199. To know more about Mfine click here  – 

Kamineni Hospitals – Kamineni Hospitals provides online doctor consultation in Hyderabad. Patients can book their online consultations via whats app +91 94902 94919.

Pricing – This hospital has not mentioned about pricing of online doctor consultations in Hyderabad hence we would recommend our readers to check with them.

Here is their website link –

Medicover Hospitals – Medicover hospitals provides online doctor consultation in Hyderabad. The hospital provides treatment to large number of illness by Instant Doctor Consultation Via Phone Call. There are no specific mention about pricing of their services.

Here is their website link –  – This app/website is providing online doctor consultation in Hyderabad. It is situated in Hyderabad and provides wide range of online doctor consultation. They do offer various packages. You can order medicines , diagnosis  tests  etc…

Online doctor consultation in Hyderabad

Refer to their website for booking online appointment with doctor in Hyderabad –

Yashodha Hospital – Yet another hospital providing online doctor consultation in Hyderabad. The price for online doctor consultation starts from Rs 1200 as per their website. They have wide range of illness covered via online consultation and have impressive panel of doctors on board.

Online doctor consultation in Hyderabad

Online Doctor Consultation: How It Works

Fill in the Patient Details

  • To confirm the online consultation with your Doctor make a payment of Rs. 1200 in the payment section.
  • On successful payment, a mail/message will be sent to you with the details provided by you.
  • Our representative will get in touch with you to explain the process and confirm the time slot.
  • On confirmation, you will receive a meeting link for a video consultation with our doctor.
  • Click on the link to start your consultation at the confirmed appointment time.

Here is website of Yashodha Hospitals for online doctor appointment in Hyderabad –

Sunshine Hospitals —  Sunshine hospital situated in Hyderabad has 3 locations in Gachibowli , Secundrabad and Karimanagar  provides online doctor consultation in Hyderabad. It is providing services through Mfine app.

Here is the website link for online doctor appointment for Sunshine Hospital –

Online doctor consultation in Hyderabad – Practo is India’s leading online website and app providing online doctors consultation across India including hydeerabad. It has good number of doctors on board and has wide range of illness treated via online consultation.

To book online doctor consultation in Hyderabad login here –

Online doctor consultation in Hyderabad

Apollo Homecare – Apollo a reknown name in medical industry is providing home care services via its online portal Apollo homecare. Apollo provides online consultation in Hyderabad apart from Chennai, delhi , Bangalore , kolkatta.

The price for getting online doctor consultation starts from Rs499 as per their website.

To know more details and book online appointment click here –

Online doctor consultation in Hyderabad

KIMS Hospital –  KIMS hospital secundrabad provides online doctor consultation facility.

Online Consultation With Doctors

  1. How does an online consultation work?

We at KIMS would like to help you with your regular and timely consultation with the doctors directly at your doorstep through virtual consultations. The doctor would listen, look, check your previous records, and help you with the measures to be followed.

  • Are all the OP services available in online consultation?

Yes, we ensure all the OP (out-patient) consultations, through online consultations. Based on the severity and requirement, the doctor would advise the further steps.

  • How will the doctors proceed with the examination?

Our qualified doctors first examine you through the voice and video. The advanced features to have a video call and upload images provided, will let our doctors know your previous consultation history and checks.

  • What if the physical examination is unavoided?

In case our doctor feels physical examination is medically necessary and cannot help you online, he would immediately suggest you for a physical checkup and will cancel the online appointment.

  • Can we expect qualified doctors in online consultation?

At KIMS, we always maintain the high standards with qualified doctors, we assure our very own doctors would represent you in the online consultation. You need not worry about qualifications!

  • Will the consultation be confidential?

Yes, we ensure all the consultations are highly secured, and no data would be breached across. The confidentiality of the information and privacy are highly guarded.

  • What will happen after the consultation?

Based on the information provided by you, our doctors would suggest further steps for either the test diagnosis or lifestyle tips or the prescription. We ensure to stand by your side till you recover fully.

  • Can I book an appointment with the same doctor again?

Yes, if you feel you have more uncleared queries to discuss with your doctor, you can always request for further consultation. Based on the time frame, the charges would levy on.

  • Where can I get the medication that the doctor has prescribed?

Generally, an e-prescription would be issued after the consultation, which can be used for getting your medication. This would almost serve as an original prescription.

 Visit their website to book online appointment –

Online doctor consultation in Hyderabad – is one well known home care services provider in India. Doctor Consultation In Hyderabad.In the ever-busy city of Hyderabad, which is widely popular for its outstanding growth in the technological industry, counting on in-home doctor consultation services for medical requirements can make its residents heave a sigh of relief. Get the best medical attention with doctor consultation at your doorstep without disturbing your routine in Hyderabad.

A team of expert and experienced doctors at Portea strives to provide you the best consultation in comfort of your home. Whether you simply need general health check-ups or post-hospitalization neuro care or cardiac care, our highly experienced healthcare professionals and on-call doctors in Hyderabad are there to meet your medical requirements and treat you to help you have quick relief.

So, simply get in contact with us and receive the best doctor consultation at home for a quick relief.

To book appointment on for online doctor consultation click here –

Online doctor consultation in Hyderabad – Medintu is an online doctor consulting providing web/app services. It is not specific to Hyderabad however it is available for pan India. They do cover wide range of illness to be consulted online including Covid19 packages. This site does not have fix rate of online doctor consultation however it depends on package you chose.

To book online doctor consultation with click here –

Online doctor consultation in Hyderabad


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Disclaimer : The information provided above is provided from online website/services hence we do not take guarantee of accuracy of information. Please take decision after your own research. This information provided here is reference only and we do not take any responsibility of any financial loss/health side effects after consulting doctor from above mentioned sources.

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