online skin doctor consultation Chennai

online skin doctor consultation Chennai(2021).online skin/dermatology consultation in Chennai

online skin doctor consultation skin/dermatology consultation in Chennai


So now a days it is always better to first look out for an online option to consult a doctor. Technology has advanced for betterment of humanity and especially after this pandemic , we really need to be looking for better and safer options.

Hospitals/ clinics in India has been full of waiting rooms.  Now sitting in waiting room is as risky as getting infected with some type of virus or illness. It is much better to first look out for options such as online doctor consultation and then if your doctor suggest to meet in person, we can follow up with in person visit.

When it comes to skin issues or dermatology problems, the issues are of such nature that it can be shown online and consulted by doctor.

Consult Dermatologist Online For Your Skin & Hair Problems

In today’s world, maintaining healthy skin and hair is becoming a challenging task. Constant exposure to pollutants along with an unhealthy lifestyle is causing numerous complications. Even if one notices abnormal signs-losing hair for women and men, premature greying, acne, all kinds of rashes, and those tiny spots that are hardly visible to anyone’s eyes-they are usually neglected. Issues such as acne and hair fall eventually affect one’s appearance and that’s when the search for a nearby skin specialist begins. With mfine you can simply consult dermatologist online through chat, call or video call.

If you consult dermatologist online, your skin specialist will recommend a number of treatments based on the severity of your condition. A typical skin doctor ensures that your skin is first comfortable enough for any medication and treatment coming your way. A skin specialist treats conditions and diseases related to the skin, hair, nails, and mucous membranes. Some of the best skin specialists even specialise in cosmetology and beauty-related treatments and surgeries.

Considering how the skin is said to be the largest organ in the body, one needs to constantly protect it from bacteria, fungi, injuries, and accidents. Consult dermatologist online to get a skin doctor to look into something benign such as hormonal acne and warts or serious illnesses such as skin burns, accidental scars, cancer and all kinds of psoriasis. If you are noticing an increase in hairfall, thinning of hair or premature greying, a hair fall doctor or hair fall consult dermatologist online as these specialists can help identify the root cause of these issues.

In this time of a pandemic, also take a COVID antibody RTPCR test at the comfort of your home accurately on mfine, with all the information available on mfine, available in Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Pune, Gurgaon and Hyderabad.

How much do Dermatologists in Chennai charge?

The consultation fee of a Dermatologist in Chennai starts from Rs. 300/- Treatment packages and their validity vary. While acne treatment package is Rs. 5,000/- for 90 days, Sinusitis is Rs. 2,000/- for 30 days, Botox is Rs. 1,000/- for 30 days and Eczema care package is 36,000/- for 360 days.

Top 5 service or treatment

The dermatologist offers various services at varying costs. These include:

Eczema care package: At first, the specialists focus on examining the skin condition, observing simultaneously the severity of the disease. Thereafter, they provide an appropriate prescription to the patients based on the problem, which is further followed by regular check-up.

Measles treatment: Physical examination of bodily rashes to determines the skin condition. Other symptoms such as a cough, sore throat, and whitish spots in or around the mouth are also checked. The doctor provides medication to ease all the symptoms.

Psoriasis treatment: It requires diagnosis and subsequent medication.

Ringworm treatment: The doctor immediately performs procedures such as skin biopsy, and fungal culture to ascertain the presence of the disease and prescribes medicines based on the findings.

Acne treatment: Topical retinoids in the form of serums or creams are used to treat acne mostly. They help in the exfoliation of old cells and faster regeneration of new cells.

Before we get in to the doctors /hospitals/apps providing online skin doctor consultation in Chennai we would like to emphasize fact to consider below factors and then chose the option

  • Reputation of doctors /hospitals/apps providing online skin doctor consultation in Chennai. To check their reputation, try look out for their reviews online which can help you understand the concerns other patients have shared
  • Pricing especially hidden charges. Basically you should look for first time consultation charges and follow up charges
  • Data privacy and security – Online doctor consultation in Chennai is good however we want to ensure our data is private and kept secure and not sold in market

Let’s dive into what all options do you have for online skin doctor consultation in Chennai. –  This is one of Indi’a well known mobile application providing online skin doctor consultation in Chennai. This app has wide range of illness covered for online consultation and it certainly includes dermatologist as well.

If you want to consult online skin doctor or dermatologist then click this link here –  or you can download their mobile application and consult doctor online.

online skin doctor consultation Chennai

Pricing : As their website mentions the pricing for first consultation is reduced at Rs 249 from original pricing of Rs 499. Rs 249 is quite attractive compared to in person visits. Generally all doctors charges approximately Rs 500 for in person visit irrespective of specialty.

What Do Mfine Do ?

The best skin specialists and hair fall specialists aim to make your skin and hair the healthiest it can be. Even when you feel your skin related issues have gotten worse, know that it is never too late to visit the right skin specialist. So start looking for a nearby skin clinic or “hair fall doctor near me” to get started! Alternately you can always consult dermatologist online.

Some of the skin-related procedures by any dermatologist nearby would include the following:

Skin examination

Recommending external lotions and creams

Recommending internal medicines

Skin biopsies

Chemical peels

Cosmetic injections



Laser surgery

Any hair and skin issues you may have, we have our team of experts to help you out. Our dermatologists are from top dermatology clinics and hospitals that are highly-experienced and well-known in their field of work. Book right now to consult dermatologist online.

Delivering the right medical care is our only priority. Any dermatologist on our platform is here to listen to you and provide the right skin and hair care treatment suitable for your condition. If you consult dermatologist online, you’ll find out that they also help bust myths and provide correct information regarding various skin diseases and answer common questions such as, ‘Is Vitiligo contagious?’ among others.

Dermatologists Will See You In 60 Seconds

We at mfine make your life simple. We are an AI-based healthcare app with experts from all specialities available online for your easy access. All the doctors on mfine platform are from our hospital partners across various cities. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to quality healthcare. This will make it hassle free for you if you choose to consult dermatologist online.

No more travel, no more delay, and no more germy waiting rooms; online doctor consultation with the best dermatologists or nearby skin specialists is now simpler and effective with mfine. Book right now to consult dermatologist online!

Here is the procedure to consult dermatologist online:

Choose your dermatologist on the app

Instant chat or video consult with a top dermatologist or skin doctor online

Diagnosis and treatment for your skin and hair issues

No registration fee, pay directly for your consultation

Free, unlimited follow-ups online and at the hospital for 7 days post consultation

We make your search for a dermatology clinic near me or skin doctor easier. Download the app now to consult dermatologist online and get access to the top doctors in the city to get the right treatment for your skin and hair issues.


-General Dermatology

-Surgical Dermatology

-Pediatric Dermatology


-Light Therapy

-Cosmetic Dermatology

-Patch Testing

( Discliamer : Content and information provided is neutral and not sponsored. Some content has been adopted from their website for accuracy of information. ) – Like is an online doctor consultation providing app. You can choose online skin doctor consultation in Chennai. Basically this app is available all India and not specific to any city.

Some Great Features of Dhani App are –

  • 30 days Free doctors consultation
  • Consult a doctor in 10 Seconds
  • No prior appointments required
  • Instant doctor consultation  
  • Doctors available 24/7
  • Unlimited video consultations in a month
  • First month membership Free
  • First month medicine order Free
  • Upto 50% discount on medicine from 2nd month of registration

How it works? How to consult online skin doctor through dhani app?

  • Download Dhani App
  • Register yourself
  • Start free consultation

To book online skin doctor consultation in Chennai with dhani, log on to and download their app. –  A very well known name in online doctor consulation for any speciality. Practo is providing online doctor consultation since many years and a reputable name in India. It covers wide range of illness and of course it has dermatologists or skin doctors to be consulted online in Chennai.

Log on to link for online skin doctor consultation in Chennai with Practo.

online skin doctor consultation Chennai – Apollo a reputed name in hospital segment has online service options for patients. It provides online skin doctor consultation in Chennai

Why Apollo247

  • Round-the-clock doctor availability
  • Over 70 specialties
  • Detailed digital prescriptions
  • Order medicines & tests online
  • Digitised health records

Pricing : The pricing for skin doctor consultation in Chennai through Apollo is depending on doctor you chose to consult. On an average the pricing is around Rs 600-650. Good thing about this platform is that the pricing is displayed clearly hence patients are aware about it well in advance


  • Choose the doctor
  • Book a slot
  • Make payment
  • Be present in the consult room on at the time of consult
  • Receive prescriptions instantly
  • Follow Up via text – Valid upto 7 days

Here is the link for online skin doctor consultation in Chennai through Apollo

online skin doctor consultation Chennai  – One more online platform providing online doctor consultation for wide range of specialist including dermatologist or skin doctors across India. Lybrate provides online skin doctor consultation in Chennai

Pricing – The charges to consult doctor online via is displayed on their site. Basically charges are not fixed . For each doctor the charges are different

Click here for online skin doctor consultation in Chennai on –

online skin doctor consultation Chennai – Its an online app providing online doctor consutation for majority of illness in India. The app has option for online skin doctor consultation in Chennai

To book online skin doctor consultation in Chennai through docsapp , click here , you can also download their mobile application on this website

online skin doctor consultation Chennai

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