Myupchar Doctor App Review 2021

Facts to consider before you Join MyupcharApp As Doctor.Quick Review of Myupchar Doctor App 2021

Should you Join telehalth telemedicine startup in India as a doctor ?

  1. deciding to register yourself or not is a unique startup in Indian landscape. Why I feel this is unique is because there are startups in healthcare segments in India with is in telehealth telemedicine , healthcare news , etc however all of them are based on primary language as English. Myupchar has a mission to serve   millions of Indians who don’t know English however they certainly know how to open up a website use what’s app etc.  Myupchar is available on 6 Indian languages including English. These millions of Indians can visit and gain knowledge on various health related topic, purchase health related products and also consult doctors online. Myupchar was started in 2016 and by 2017 they saw huge users growth of 10 lakh users on their platform. By 2018 they had 10,000 doctors on their network.

On an average every month 2 core+ Indians visit and take advantage of their services.

Here are some number about Myupchar to take note of

  • Monthly visitors: 15 million +
  •  Monthly Medicine Orders: 50k +
  • Monthly lab test orders: 10k +
  • Doctors: 50K +
  • Founders: Rajat Garg and DR Manu Garg are the founders of Myupchar startup

Investors: Nexus venture partners , Omdiyar Network  Shunwie ,

Doctors Perspective!

We at are friend and guide for doctors. We are in a mission to help doctors chose right telehealthtelemedicine software.

Lets review from our experts angel and conclude whether a doctor should join or not

Popularity of Myupchar among doctors : As of today has network of 10,000 doctors  and it is growing

Poularity among users :  Myupchar gets 2 crore visits per month which means each registered doctor on this platform has higher chances of having some patients to attend

How can you earn money on Myupchar as a doctor ? – You can earn money by answering queries of patients and upload videos

How to register yourself as doctor on ?

It is very easy to register yourself on There are just 3 steps to follow

Step 1 Download the app from Playstore  – Download and install the Myupchar – Doctor ap. Here is screen shot of the app

This doctors app has been downloaded by 50k users as of now

myupchar for doctors online doctor consultation India

Ratings of app on google pay store are 3.7 which is quite low which means there are challenges with the app. An average rating of any good app would always be 4.5 & higher.

Step 2 Complete the verification process – Share the electronic copies of your medical registration number,  Educational  degree and Pan card number.

Step 3 Enter the bank details – Share your bank details where they  can transfer the money for the online consultations you do on their platform

There are certain terms and conditions to be reviewed by reach doctor before they sign up, please click here to read it –

Social Media Presence : Certainly we need to check the presence of Myupchar on social media. They are present on

Is there any restriction on speciality to get registered ? – No Myuchar covers almost all speciality so as a doctor you can register yourself with whatever speciality you have

How will your profile as doctor listed on this website ? Here are screen grab of how your profile look

myupchar for doctors online doctor consultation India
myupchar for doctors online doctor consultation India
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The information provided here is based on website and online sources like This is not sponsored post. This is an initiative to help our doctors in making their life easy, increase revenue by providing online consultation. We seek all questions and answers doctors have for these platforms before they trust and join them.

Are you a doctor and has some additional questions, concerns or doubt ? Ask us in comments section, we will get answers for you.

Are you doctor registered on and want to share your review, comments ? Please share it in comments section, it will help other doctors .

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