Republic Day 2021 : 13 Quick Facts

Republic Day 2021 : 13 Quick Facts|Republic Day Speech|Happy Republic Day

India is celebrating Republic Day 2021. Every year Priminister of India delivers a speech which talks about India’s accomplishment and what is expected to come. This day is special because we can see overview of parade which reflects India’s unique culture.

What to expect this Republic Day 2021

  1. This year is 72nd Republic Day of India
  2. First ever time there wont be any cheif guest
  3. Bangladesh’s armed forces contingent.
  4. IAF Tableau to feature India’s first women fighter pilot
  5. Rafale fighters fly past over Rapath
  6. Ram Temple , Union Territory of Ladakh and Covid vaccine tableau
  7. CRPF to have its own Tableu
  8. Anadaman and Nicobar Islands to have its own Tableau
  9. No participation of miliaty veterans
  10. Parade routes curtained
  11. No Stunts and No gallantry awards
  12. Few participants and smaller audience
  13. 100 Mertitorious Students in Prime Ministers Box

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