hipaa-compliant telemedicine apps

Telemedicine News India: Telemedicine expenses under insurance cover from today

In accordance with IRDAI – Insurance and Regulatory Development Authority new guidelines which is in effect from Thursday ( 1st October , 20) Telemedicine costs will be covered under medical insurance.

“This is very relevant during the time of Covid-19, when physical visits by the doctors to check patients have become difficult. “  National Insurance Academy director G.Srinivasan Said.

hipaa-compliant telemedicine apps

Majority of health experts agreed to the point that including of telemedicine aspect as part of insurance coverage would make health plans “move inclusive”. “There is possibility that insurance companies may revise health plan prices or individual and family floater policies. In case of group policies, premium rates could be looked at the time of renewal based on the experience of claims. “Srinivasan said.

National Insurance Academy chair professor Segar Sampathkumar said most changes made by the regulator were “ a welcome  move “ He saud “ The added facility can apply to those policies providing outpatient treatment , wherever consultation with the medical practitioner is allowed in the terms and conditions of the policy contract as overwhelming majority health insurance products relate to hospitalization “

Retired general manager of New India Assurance Aswathnarayan said “ It’s a well known fact that Individuals insured don’t have any bargaining power , unlike those with group schemes. Telemedicine is a significant addition to the coverage under the policy , as assumes importance in covid treatment and helps the insured for physical distancing during pandemic

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